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Trattamento dati personali

Privacy Statement

The VESPA project is committed to respecting data-protection regulations. This statement informs you of the steps we take to protect your rights.

By personal data we mean (a) the details you provide us via our forms, e.g. your email address, all ordering and billing information, such as postal address and payment details, and (b) alla data captured in the authentication and tracking logs.

By using our site and by registering for any of our services or products, you accept that such personal data will be gathered and stored in our databases. We will maintain appropriate safeguards to ensure the security, integrity and privacy of your personal data. We do not share personal data with other companies for marketing or similar purposes.

This data will be used by the administrator of the portal to provide you with the services you have requested.

Authentication and tracking logs will be used to produce usage statistics. This information does not contain any personally identificable information.

Please note that we take no responsibility for personal data posted on any open forumes or message boards.



The VESPA project cannot take responsibility for information found on third-party Web sites outside its control. While we attempt to provide links only to third-party Web sites that comply with all applicable laws and regulations and our stabdards, please understand that the content on these third-party Web sites is subject to change without notice to Science Gateway to IGI. We therefore cannot be responsible for, and accept no liability for, any information or option contained in any third-party web sites.